Infusion Systems

Tesla Infusion Pump

The Tesla Infusion Pump is the premiere high-powered, peristaltic pump for virtually effortless infiltration. It is capable of infusion flow rates of 0-850 ml/min and has a super EASY-LOAD hub. Standard pneumatic foot pedal.


Dual Foot Pedals

IV Pole



Infusion Handle with On/Off Control

The new look of infiltration with on/off control. With an all stainless steel head control, the new design is for durability and a nice look. No tools are needed to disassemble this hand piece for cleaning.

Infusion Handle with On/Off Control Luer Lock Connect

The on/off valve workings have been improved by sealing systems that will better withstand the high autoclave temperatures. This improved handle allows for fingertip control during the infusion process.

Infusion Handle with Stop Cock Control

The level handle shows flow direction for easy visual checks, quarter turn shot-off. The vale is made of brass and chrome-plated finish. The stop cock control can be rotated to any direction by releasing the handle cap and tight the cap back after you choose what direction you want.


Luer Lock Infusion Needles

Garden Spray Infiltration Needle

For rapid infusion of tumescent fluid

Standard diameters: 12, 14, 16 gauge

Standard lengths: 15, 25, 30 cm

This cannula is used specifically for the infusion of tumescent solution. Configuration of the holes allow for even distribution of the fluid.



Super Spray Infiltration Needle

The super spray is designed to maximize liposuction efficiency, with multiple round holes arranged in a helical pattern along the distal end of the cannula.






With silicone sleeve for infusion pumps

Increased flow rate

188" length



For manual and pressure cuff systems.

Without silicone sleeve, 120" length.



- 1000 ml durable unit

- easy to clean

- fast fluid level inspection

- cost effective

- 0-245 mil/min, constant pressure of 200 psi