Tesla Medical is dedicated to providing cosmetic and plastic surgeons with state of the art medical devices and instruments. Our laser for laser lipolysis, surgical fibers, liposuction aspirator, infiltration pump, and liposuction cannulas are used worldwide by countless surgeons and hospitals.


We carry high powered aspirators, tumescent pumps, liposuction cannulas, fat transfer cannulas, infiltration tubing, aspirator tubing, and liposuction compression garments.


Our single use and reusable surgical fibers are of the highest quality. In addition we carry other surgical and aesthetic products such as surgical gloves, Veinlite, air coolers, compression stockings and support hoses.


Below are a sample of some of our liposuction equipment or plastic surgery equipment that we carry. Please look through our liposuction products and contact us with any questions you may have. Our fully trained staff is ready to assist you with all of your needs.


We look forward to supplying you with the tools to enhance your craft.